Bubby Lewis began playing the bass at the age 14. A son of a pastor, his first performance in front of an audience was at his father’s church in Flint, Michigan. During those early years, Bubby realized his love and passion for music and that it was something he wanted to go after.Not long after, Bubby felt ready to pursue a career as a professional musician and artist. Since then, Bubby has performed and recorded with a number of powerhouse artists including Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Lupe Fiasco, Jhene Aiko, Tha Game, Kim Burrel, The Clarke Sisters, AI, EXILE the Second, Stevie Wonder and many others.

His first solo album hit in 2017; 1UP! Adventures & Quests Episode III chronicled his journey from Flint to LA. Sure to put his unique twist on the album, Bubby included references to his love of Japanese anime, comic books, video games and ‘all things nerdy.’ Bubby has since been blessed to create various music compositions for companies such as FUNimation Entertainment and Marvel Entertainment.

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"Thank you so much for having me be a part of this song. You are incredible and a musical genius. I know you are making your mom, dad and brother so proud."

- Jhené Aiko

"We are super excited for Bubby Lewis to release his upcoming album, “Hero Dynasty.” The album is sure to be incredible, and now we have a clue to its direction. Lewis has released the first single, “Miss & Love,” featuring vocalist Jhene Aiko."

- Kevin Johnson | NO TREBLE

"Bass virtuoso and hip-hop, gospel, R&B, funk, and soul guru Bubby Lewis has announced the release of his sophomore solo album, Hero Dynasty, 

The album's first single, "Miss & Love," is now available for download. The track blends Lewis' beautiful and acrobatic chord work with the stunning vocals of singer Jhené Aiko."

- Bass Magazine

"Bubby may have built his reputation as a gospel/hip-hop/R&B bass dude, but listening to his debut album 1UP reminds one that this anime fanatic and composer/producer  is also a voracious listener who devours everything, from “punk rock, metal, Bollywood, J-pop, K-pop, and C-pop to freakin’ bossa nova.”

-E.E. Bradman |

"Some musicians struggle while trying to blend creativity and the electric bass. Robert “Bubby” Lewis is not one of those people. Whether it’s his video game, manga, comic book, science fiction-inspired solo album, , or how he thinks about the world, Bubby is a creative force on the electric bass. "

- Mitch Joel | NO TREBLE


"Our hero Bubby Lewis is at it again, this time a new single featuring Jhene Aiko. Miss & Love is refreshingly soft and dreamy in a time when there is noise all around, urging us to find that place of love within, and to share it."


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